Regression Therapy

Hypnosis Help USA. Past Life Regression Therapy

It is not uncommon to see hypnosis listed among various types of treatments. The application of hypnotherapy as method of treatment for a variety of conditions and habits has gained popularity around the world.

At Hypnosis Help USA, therapists offer a series of hypnotic treatments, one of them being “Past Life Regression Therapy”  Not to be confused with reincarnation and religious or spiritual experiences, this treatment promises to help a patients deal with issues that could be holding them back, making it difficult for them to move in a forward direction. Painful or traumatic experiences do tend to linger on in most people’s subconscious, hindering growth and personal development. There are times when people will be urged to by their family members and friends to “move on, get over it”. This is easier said than done and in certain cases one may need the help and attention of a therapist, in order to deal with the past issues and move on.

Hypnosis Help USA has a certified hypnotherapist who promises to take patients through effective regression therapy sessions. Among the treatment methods is personalized plan that will help the patient to overcome past experiences that may be negatively holding back and hindering one from living a fulfilling life. It will be a tailor made kind of treatment to suit the individual patient, bearing in mind the problems needing to be addresses. There is no uniform or blanket treatment for everyone, or what some call group therapy. Each case is treated individually.

The hypnotherapist at Hypnosis Help USA explains that a patient needs to recall past experiences and try to deal with them, unless this is done, the experiences will keep recurring and therefore form a pattern of reinforcing fear of moving forward in the right direction. Recalling a past event, however painful it was, is the first step in dealing with it and confronting the negative effects it may be having on one’s daily life.

The hypnotherapist will help open the patient’s mind to the possibilities that lie ahead, these include a happy and bright future filled with prospects. This fact or view may have been clouded by certain blocks that are lying in the subconscious. By going through hypnosis, the patient will recall the events of the past, with a view to dealing with them, and not allowing them to continue acting as blocks or hurdles. There are times when people are said to be living in denial. This could be due to various reasons including refusal to take responsibility for various misdeeds. The behavior and actions of the person living in denial will adversely affect other people in the family or community at large. If unchecked, it may becomes so severe that they need treatment. Effective regressive hypnotherapy has been applied as a treatment method to a lot of people living in denial. Recovery and success rates have been evident.

Sometimes people are held hostage by past events and experiences, they tend to repeat certain negative things and are unable to move forward. Hypnosis Help USA, through regression therapy will take the patient through their memory so as to understand what took place and to come to terms with it. Coming to terms with the past, reviewing  whatever may be blocking one’s progress is a great lesson that will ensure that a repeat does not happen in future.