Overcoming Fears Phobias

No matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, your phobias and fears are very real. They affect the way you act and the way you think about things.  They limit your behavior and your outlook.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome and successfully mitigate the self-limitations of fears and phobias.  Fear of heights, of flying, of animals, public speaking, water and many other fears affect the quality of your life.  We can teach you the correct tools to deal with your fears so that they can’t continue to erode your self-confidence.

Fears produce anxiety.  The cure for your deep anxieties about elevators, the dentist, needles, open spaces, spiders or any phobia is deep relaxation.  Relaxation techniques retrain your brain to respond to the fearful situation or object in a different way.  This separates the fear in your brain from your normal response and replaces it with a more measured, realistic response.

Perhaps your fears were learned in childhood from a parent or family member.  Maybe they were acquired during your youth or during adulthood stemming from a traumatic event.  Whatever the origin of your phobias, hypnosis can help you overcome these fears in just a few sessions.

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