Overcoming a Fear of Flying

Perhaps you have always feared flying.  Or maybe your fear has developed over time and your mild anxiety about flying grew more intense and developed into a full-blown phobia.  Our hypnosis centers hav helped people with their fear of flying through hypnosis for more than 30 years.

Some people fear that their plane is going to crash.  Others cite a lack of control over their movement and their surroundings.  Still others complain of claustrophobic symptoms as the reason for their fear.

An event or other trigger can be the root cause of aviophobia, or the fear of flying.  People who have flown for years all of a sudden can become panicked whereas in the past, they had no fears about flying.  Outside stressors, such as problems at home or at work or other traumas, can cause chronic fears of flying to develop.

We begin with a simple goal:  Do you want to enjoy flying, or will coping better with flying allay your fears?

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to diminish your fears and still retain your internal survival warning system that is a reaction to true danger.  Treating irrational or illogical fears is well-accomplished through hypnosis in any of our hypnosis centers.

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