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For years hypnosis in Dallas has been misinterpreted as a form of black magic and even as false mysticism for far too long rather than the simple yet effective psychological technique it really is. As a result of this misinterpretation a lot of people who stand to benefit from hypnosis end up casting it aside for more popular yet less effective options of dealing with their problems. The good news however is that hypnosis is gaining good grace in Dallas and more and more people are willing to give it a chance and are being rewarded with success. More however needs to be done in order to demystify this technique and in this way help more people feel comfortable with hypnosis for their own good.


Before taking a look at the myths that need to be debunked as far as hypnosis is concerned, perhaps a short definition is in order. Hypnosis has been defined as a set of communication techniques that are aimed at shaping or reshaping a client’s beliefs, thoughts, attitude and behavior. This communication process has on several occasions proven to be quite effective and thus the interest by the scientific community at defining and examining it.

Below are a few of the myths that are common when the topic of hypnosis is brought up:

  1. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness

A lot of people believe that hypnosis is a way of getting to a certain state of consciousness while the truth is that hypnosis does not in actual fact relate to consciousness. The real reason for this confusion is that most people believe that hypnosis will help one get to a state of half-sleep. When most people hear the term hypnosis their first picture will be a patient lying on a couch  with their eyes closed confessing and bringing out their deepest and darkest secrets and fears that they will forget soon after the session. The opposite is actually true; hypnosis is actually aimed at expanding a client’s awareness. Most people will want to think of hypnosis as a state where one is strung along like a puppet without being aware of what is happening to them for example clucking like a chicken. The truth is that they are only in a state where they are comfortable enough to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do. The client’s will of choice is still in fll effect throughout the process.

  1. Hypnosis is pretend

Some people are of the opinion that people under hypnosis are just pretending since they are well aware that they are not actual chicken when they cluck like them. This is one of the core reasons why most people are weary of being hypnotized in Dallas. The truth is while people can be gotten to act out different scenarios while under hypnosis the whole process cannot be put down to acting because it all depends on the suggestions given to the participant. A person cannot for example act as if they are not afraid of heights when they have previously been petrified of it. Certain things you cannot act out and therefore hypnosis is not acting. It just means that one is able to relax in situations they would ordinarily be unable to do so.

  1. Hypnosis only works on 5% of participants

A lot of research studies conducted in Dallas and elsewhere have come up with this figure or figures that are close to this so why would it be wrong? This would be wrong because these studies are on cases where the hypnosis sticks to a certain script and practices. The truth about hypnosis is that each participant will have their own response and trigger in the process. Some will not respond to the generic script. A good hypnotist however is able to read a participant and when such is the case, the success levels are higher that these studies would suggest. After reading the participant effectively, a hypnotist is more likely to suggest thing to them.

  1. Hypnosis is meditation

While there are certain similarities in meditation and hypnosis such a feeling of calmness, the two are not to be confused.  This is because hypnosis relies on a communication technique that allows a client to relax. Meditation on the other hand only involves the participant and they alone are in charge of their level of meditation. While some people have defined meditation as self-hypnosis, this definition is not entirely accurate. Hypnosis rather than being about the mental state of the participant is about idea expression and suggestions. Hypnotists prefer to put participants in a relaxed mental state because they become more receptive to suggestions in this state. The suggestions are actually what make the hypnosis successful. Getting the participant to relax and then doing nothing after that will not get them to change anything.

For hypnosis to be taken seriously then people need to know the facts behind the practice.

Stress Management

It seems like each day we are faced with new challenges that cause stress and anxiety.  Hypnosis is a very effective and powerful tool to help reduce the stresses in everyday life.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a difficult habit to break as evidenced by the millions of people who struggle to quit each and every year.  Hypnosis is a non-traditional method that is an effective solutions to the problem.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Losing weight through hypnosis also helps you improve self-confidence and helps you work towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.

How We Can Help

Good Physical Fitness

Two of the benefits of being physically fit are good mental health and good physical health.  Learning self-hypnosis and meditation will positively impact your state of being.

Regression Therapy

Certified hypnotherapists can help you create a personalized plan to help you recover from past events and memories that are blocking your ability to move forward.  Effective regression therapy is just a phone call away.

Fear of Flying

Many of our clients have come to us to conquer their fear of flying.  Whether you are just a little anxious about flying or have full-out phobia, we have a solution.


Learning how to implement and understand the power of self-hypnosis will help you on your journey to personal evolution.  You can change your life for the better with this effective tool.


The most powerful tool you have at your disposal to create effective and noticeable change in your life is your own mind.  Hypnosis is a way to unlock that power and use it as a force for good.  Channeling positive energy that you yourself direct and control can help you solve some of the more difficult challenges that we as human beings face in our daily lives.

The areas that hypnotherapy can help you improve include stopping smoking and losing weight.  These are typically troublesome aspects of one’s life and involve emotional, psychological and physical problems that stem from addictions to tobacco and food.

Hypnosis has been quite successful with stop smoking and is one of the most popular reasons why people consult with hypnotherapists.  Regarding weight loss, hypnosis can assist with creating a new image, learning to deal with stress-based eating, and improving mental outlook.

Anxiety-free public speaking is also possible with hypnosis.  Building your confidence, remaining calm and relaxed in front of an audience and minimizing stress-triggers are ways that hypnosis improves your ways of thinking about and feeling about yourself and your public speaking abilities.

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