Frequently asked Questions

There are several myths that people associate with hypnotherapist. Some believe that they are mind readers or that they have a high ability to induce a state of compliance and docility to the patient. While some of the guesses and suggestions are outright laughable, there are some valid questions that anyone wishing to undergo a hypnotherapy session might want to ask.

Do hypnotists have supernatural powers?

A hypnotherapist is trained in understanding the human mind and knows how to guide a patient to a relaxed state through suggestion and calm inducing conversation. The therapist guides the patient to develop more awareness and also to have control over the hypnotic state. At the end of the session, the therapist will have empowered the patients. The patient learns to use positive thinking and how to discard old guilt filled incidences that may have been holding them back.

Does one’s level of intelligence make them easier to hypnotize?

There was a belief that only those who are less intelligent can be hypnotized. The answer is no; there is no evidence that a patient’s level of intelligence makes a difference in one’s ability to respond to hypnosis. Any person can be hypnotized whether they have a high IQ or not.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

There is no danger in undergoing a hypnotherapy session. The session creates relaxation as opposed to causing any danger.

Can a person lose complete awareness of their surroundings?

Since hypnosis is not sleep, there is no way a person will not be aware of their surroundings; there is a heightened sense of what is going on. The senses are alert and wide awake.

Can one remain in a state of hypnosis even after the session is over?

Being hypnotized is not meant to be a lasting state; the patient or the therapist may decide to end the session any time.

Do those who are under hypnosis reveal damning evidence which may be used against others or give out secrets that they may have sworn to keep?

There is no way a hypnotized person can tell information which they regard as secret and confidential. The fact that being hypnotized is not sleeping means that whatever the patient regards as secret will remain a secret as their mind will still guard it.

How effective is hypnosis? How many sessions will it take to see results? Is one put in a very deep state of hypnosis for the desired results to be realized? Majority of patients go through the medium to light sessions of hypnosis.